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    At this moment this is the published products summary:

    Pipe/U[ES] | New release, PipePS framework successor, which enhances its frontiers beyond the web. Consists in a universal connector family whose objective is abstract the programmer from many low-level common elements making transparent between them many of the elements allowing indeed a bigger flexibility when configuring its functionalities.

    iCC[ES] | It is a set of conversor, compiler and interpreter, like a IDL. iCC is the evolution of two tools: icc+tcc (preproccesor + template definition) with a new API which allows several languages code recompilation. For example is compatible with C++, Javascript, XML, HTML, Actionscript and PHP.

    PHPsh | A little utility that spawns a PHP interactive shell. Very usesful for evaluating instructions without requiring install a webserver or upload contents to a ftp server. Requires PHP 4 or later. It is compatible with Windows, Linux and MacOSX.

    macroVCR | Video capturing utility that includes a simple macro processor that allows most tasks automation.

    PipePS | Rapid development framework for the web. With PipePS most of the tasks are modularized. Its true power is hidden in the interior: its recursive template processor allows separate the presentation from the code layer. It is compatible with all the W3C standards, including the WAI-AAA.

    NeuePlayer[ES] | Player and streaming plattform for online video.

    ABIgl3[ES] | 3D and 2D graphics development framework. It is compatible with OpenGL and SDL. Cel is developed over this framework.

    rPx[ES] | Service application (server) for remote process control, debugging and remote-assistance.

    PostIts[ES] | Note management desktop application.

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